Finally, Some Limits on Bicycle Riders

It would be fair to say that bicycle riders have been given a high level of consideration over the last several years.  Bicycle lanes have sprung up everywhere despite the fact that they are lightly used.  We now have bicycle racks on the front of CTA buses.  Then, of course, there is the Divvy bike-sharing program.  Considering that bicycles are likely never to be more than a niche in Chicago it all seems quite excessive.

So it was refreshing when I stumbled upon this bicycle on Clarendon Avenue:


Here is a closeup of that big white tag:


The tag, in case you have trouble reading it, says this bicycle will be taken away if not moved by the owner in seventy-two hours.

I do not know what the city’s motivation is for this.  According to the Chicago Department of Transportation they donate removed bicycles to a non-profit.  Whatever the reasoning it is fantastic not to see bicycle culture being supported at every possible turn.

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