The Signature Lounge is Still a Classic

Sometimes when you visit a great place after a few years it is not so great anymore.  Happily this is not the case with the Signature Lounge.  They have been operating since 1993 and still offer a fantastic visitor experience.


The Signature Lounge is located on the 96th Floor of the John Hancock Center.  It adjoins the Signature Room Restaurant.  Access is very easy.  Enter through the ground level doors on Delaware Place and follow posted signs to the Signature Lounge/Signature Room elevator bank.  The elevators, which according to staff are the second fastest in the U.S. behind One World Trade Center, whisk you to the lounge in a just a handful of seconds.  All business is walk-in as the Signature Lounge does not accept reservations.  It is available for private events.


Signature Lounge staff are capable and friendly.  It does not take long for your order to come up despite a steady flow of visitors.  Bartenders will talk you up if given the chance.  Cocktail quality seems high.  Practical Chicago sampled the Classic Mojito and it did not disappoint.  You can order food in the Signature Lounge though we opted not to.

The air is pleasant and set at a good temperature.  One thing about older venues is that they sometimes get musty.  Maintenance is likely a priority for the Signature Lounge because there is no hint of that.

Views are spectacular.  Walking around the venue visitors can look north, south, east and west.  On a clear day you can see over eighty miles in any direction and four different states.  There are plenty of window side tables.


This high rise experience comes at a premium.  Expect prices roughly double those of neighborhood Chicago bars: $9 Miller Lite bottles and $17 mixed drinks.  At that level the Signature Lounge is not a great everyday hangout.  But for an occasional visit spectacular vistas makes it worth the price.  It is also great for entertaining business clients.  Certainly do not miss it if you are vacationing from out of town.

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