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Hitting a bucket of golf balls is a great way to enjoy summer in Chicago.  Diversey Driving Range, located in Lincoln Park at Diversey Parkway, makes it an easy option for North Side residents.  Lake Shore Drive access at Fullerton is convenient for those a little farther up or downtown.

The facility is beautiful.  It was heavily renovated in 2008.  The main project feature was replacement of a well worn natural surface with artificial turf.  Anyone who has not visited since this project will be amazed by the difference.

Have no fear if you are not an experienced golfer.  There are all types.  Some have obviously been working at it for a long time.  But you will also see many shots that are far less than optimal.

Lessons are available from several teachers.  One option is PGA Golf Professional Pat Dorgan.  We here at Practical Chicago have used Pat’s services.  While we will not be playing in pro tournaments anytime soon Pat’s services have certainly been useful for swing improvement.  He charges $75 for a half hour private lesson.  Check his web site periodically for special deals.  Getting instruction is a good move for beginners.  Trying to figure it out on your own means possibly building bad habits that will have to be broken later.

Golf balls must be purchased.  A small bucket is $10.  A large bucket is $16.  If you are new to golf starting with a small bucket is probably the right move.  Even if you exercise at the gym you will likely work muscles in ways they are not used to being worked.  Being conservative will save fatigue.

There is a sizable parking lot next to the range.  It costs $3 for up to an hour.  One to four hours costs $7.  You may have to have to circle for a while during peak hours on a nice day.  But the wait for a spot has never been intolerable.

Diversey offers facilities for a full golf workout.  In addition to the practice tees there is a sand trap and putting green.  Putting in some time on all of them will help develop a well-balanced game.

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