A Great Place to Buy Your Holiday Turkey


The keystone of any great holiday dinner is a high-quality turkey. These days everyone is more concerned than ever with eating healthy food, and that is as is should be. It is hard to imagine how anyone made it to middle age back in the 1950’s. In those days they started every morning with coffee, bacon and eggs, had martinis at lunch, chain smoked cigarettes all through the day, and had steak for dinner (possibly with more martinis).  At times, however, it is permissible to indulge.  Christmas and Thanksgiving certainly qualify.

Zier’s Prime Meats & Poultry is an old-fashioned small business. It is located in a modest building at 813 Ridge Road in Wilmette. According to their web site a meat market has been located there since around 1890.  In today’s world retail stores have mostly become huge buildings built on half a block of real estate. So visiting Zier’s is a refreshing change of pace.

Call and place your turkey order a couple weeks ahead of time to insure one is there for you. Although they seem to do a good job of calculating supply and demand you do not want to risk losing out.  Be sure to also tell them how much stock and gravy you will need, although they will probably ask when you place your order. When all is said and done the bill may be $70-80. But that is a small price to pay for a great holiday meal with family.

There may be other quality sources for a holiday bird in Chicagoland.  But if you are looking for a referral Zier’s is an excellent option.


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