Tired of Mediocre Alterations from Your Cleaners? Try Nordstrom


Here are some things that could happen if you take your clothes to be altered at the local cleaners:

  • They might use fluorescent green thread to alter the sleeves on a blue shirt.
  • They might sew the thread to alter your clothes in a zig-zag pattern.
  • They might alter your sleeves by cutting them off without moving back the fabric holding your forearm buttons, leaving those buttons right next to the cuffs.
  • They might mistakenly alter one sleeve shorter than the other.

Nordstrom offers a higher quality alternative.  It goes without saying that they will alter anything purchased at their stores.  But they will also alter clothing purchased elsewhere.  Bought it at Macy’s or Marhsall’s?  No problem.  They will take the business and do a good job.

The price could be a little higher than you would pay at the local cleaners, depending on where you have been doing business.  But it is not sky high and is worth it to get consistent quality.

The alterations department can get busy.  It is possible to wait a week or more depending on how much business they have at a moment.  Even if you pay a rush fee they may not be able to finish your job in a short time.  If that is the case they might be able to get your order in with a tailor at a nearby Nordstrom Rack location.

They can also finish faster than agreed.  It is not unheard of for them to deliver a job in four days that was promised in a week.

Customer service sometimes seems a dying art in the modern world.  But Nordstrom clearly puts priority on it.

Example recent alteration fees:

  • Sleeves, waist and legs altered on Nordstrom-purchased suit with a rush fee added (needed in three days): $99.00
  • Nordstrom-purchased sport coat and pair of slacks (sleeves, waist and legs): $40.00
  • Sleeves shortened on three long-sleeved shirts purchased at Marshall’s: $72.00
  • Sleeves shortened on two winter coats purchased at Macy’s, one of which had complicated sleeve construction: $150.00

By comparison here are some recent prices from a North Side local cleaners:

  • New zipper put on a winter coat: $35.00
  • Sleeves altered on two long-sleeved shirts: $40.00

Garments purchased in the store will normally be measured in the department where you bought them.

Garments purchased outside the store can be brought to the alterations department on the fourth floor of the Chicago flagship location.  It is located just off Michigan Avenue at 55 E. Grand Avenue.  You can call the store with any questions at (312) 464-1515.

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