Nice Job Mayor Lightfoot

According to the Chicago Tribune there were 4,115 murders committed in the City during 2020 through December 27th, 1,412 more than in 2019.


Chicago’s local government spent a lot of time in 2020 on social media talking about systemic racism and how it harms communities.

Kim Foxx Racism 2

Our public officials should spend less time talking about false racial narratives and more time on real issues.

Minority dealers are making millions every years selling hard drugs to their own people on the South and West Sides.  It is reasonable to assume many crimes take place as those involved fight to defend their territories.


Furthermore people who live in those neighborhoods have told Practical Chicago first hand that killings take place routinely for no good reason.  Someone looks at someone else across the street and one guy does not like it.  A pistol is pulled and someone gets killed.

And as far as disinvestment and systemic racism go: white people had a lot of money invested in the West Side prior to the 1968 riots.  Then their properties were burned.

A lot of those properties that were destroyed are still vacant fifty plus years later.

If that happened to you would you take the insurance proceeds and put them back in the same neighborhood or would you go someplace else?

Mayor Lightfoot and her associates need to leave the false rhetoric behind and address Chicago’s real crime problems.  As far as Practical Chicago can see few of them involve white people practicing systemic racism.



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