Practical Chicago to Reassess Social Media Presence

Practical Chicago has been developing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts for the last several years.

Due to recent activity by most of those service providers that strategy is now under review.  Numerous Conservative commentators have been demonetized or altogether removed by large technology companies in recent times.

There is not a lot of point in putting the time in to build up a Facebook account, for instance, if they are going to decide one day to remove it.

A double standard seems very clear.  President Trump has been removed from several social media platforms for allegedly inciting violence.  And while the veracity of that claim is highly questionable, there is no shortage of people who post about how Trump should be shot, Pence should be hanged, Conservatives in general should be persecuted, etc. and this is permitted.

To this end Practical Chicago has opened accounts on Gab:

and CloutHub:

Both of these organizations seem to be welcoming an exodus of Conservative users onto their platforms and profiting greatly from it.

Gab and CloutHub both have seen a large decrease in performance due to the unanticipated influx of users quitting Twitter and Facebook.  But progress has been made and it seems likely they will eventually catch up.  If they do not have the money to expand themselves someone will certainly be willing to invest.

We believe that Parler will eventually recover from its recent deplatforming by Amazon.  Once that happens content will appear there as well.

Large technology companies would be well-advised to take heed: there are millions and millions of Conservatives worldwide.  The decision to treat us like second-class citizens is going to have a significant long-term impact on quarterly results.

A long time ago, during his prime with the Bulls, Michael Jordan was asked why he did not use his celebrity to promote social issues.  His response was something like: “Both Democrats and Republicans buy shoes.”

Silicon Valley would do well to learn this lesson.  They stand to lose a lot of money: People now have the impression the rug could be pulled out from under them at any moment and that is a big game changer.

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