Liberal “We Believe” Signs Translated


“We Believe” signs have popped up on cars, on lawns and in windows around the Chicago area.  They are symbols of extremism and hypocrisy designed to push Liberal agenda points through shaming.

How could you not support black people, they ask.  You must be RACIST!

But SCIENCE says we are correct, they say.  How can you disagree?

It is a trick the left wing has been successfully using for the last ten years or so.  But the crazier it gets the more they lose any shred of legitimacy.

Let us examine the contained statements one at a time:

Black Lives Matter – A ridiculous movement.  Whenever a black person is harmed by a white police officer it is painted as racist.  But they ignore black on black crimes that occur in inner city neighborhoods every day.  They ignore crimes against white people committed by blacks.  They ignore the large slavery problem in modern day Africa.  And Black Lives Matter certainly does not apply to Black Conservatives.  They are called Coons, Sellouts, Uncle Toms, and so on.  Add to that the fact that black people are not oppressed in modern America by any stretch of the imagination and the portrait is complete.  If blacks are oppressed someone needs to explain how people like Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, Maxine Waters and many others got so much wealth and power.  If anything white people are taking more garbage nowadays, as Coca-Cola’s recent employee training session on how to “be less white” illustrates.  When it was revealed that Black Lives Matter took in $90 million last year, other activists started demanding some of that money.  A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is concurrently taking a lot of criticism after buying a $1.4 million dollar home in a largely white area.

No Human is Illegal – This one says that we should keep our borders open and let anyone into the country.  That is regardless of any problems the strategy may aggravate, like current unemployment, homelessness or crime levels.  It does not take into account things like Muslims being prone to committing extreme acts of violence, such as the recent beheadings in France.  Why? Democrats hope this pool of immigrants will be a reliable voting base.

Love is Love – A phrase meaning that the love expressed by an individual or couple is valid regardless of the sexual orientation or gender identity of their lover or partner.  Given that Liberals these days seem to want to lump all conservatives together and label them as sub-human this one is nothing short of hilarious.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights – Women’s rights are human rights, as long as they do not conflict with transgender rights apparently.  The recent trend of allowing men identifying as women to compete in organized sports shows that women have taken a back seat in the current narrative.  You cannot stick it to women in a big way and then say you are standing up for their rights.

Science is Real – It is funny how this attitude only applies to scientific opinions that support Liberal ideas.  Plenty of people with credentials have issued reports that express opinions differing from the party line on global warming.  But, as they are excoriated for doing so, apparently their science is not real.  The same goes for COVID-19.  Good science takes all opinions into account in search of the truth.  Bad science gives us a group of people pushing their theories myopically to attain money and power.

Water is Life – Seemingly the most legitimate point of the bunch,  there are definitely places in the world where access to safe drinking water is a problem.  But the solutions liberals come up with to solve environmental problems like this are mindless.  Example: Reducing pollution is a good goal.  Better air means longer life expectancy.  But solving this problem by flooding the world with electric cars is a terrible solution.  It will lead to the construction of many new power plants.  The trend for new power plants in the U.S. seems to lean toward natural gas these days, and natural gas is hardly clean.  Renewable energy sources like wind and water have not yet gotten to the point where they can take the main role in power generation, despite being around for many decades.  Furthermore, a surge in electric car usage would mean a surge in batteries that would have to be disposed of when those cars are scrapped.

Injustice Anywhere is Injustice Everywhere – Like all these other items it does not apply to Conservatives.  Republican Marjorie Taylor Green can be treated like a pariah for making off color remarks.  She was removed from her Congressional Committee appointments.  Democrat Ilhan Omar, on the other hand, can make comments with impunity and not face significant punishment.  After making disgusting anti-Semitic comments all she got was a symbolic verbal rebuke from Nancy Pelosi.

When you break this down the message is much simpler than all the line items: If you do not agree with us you are a terrible person and should be ashamed, never mind how hypocritical or ridiculous our actions may be.

It is preposterous.

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