Practical Chicago Continues Social Media Expansion

Recent censorship on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have made it clear that Conservative voices are not really welcome.

In January Practical Chicago moved onto Gab and Clouthub, with an eye toward building up social media accounts that are not likely to be suspended or deleted for no cause.

Since then two more have been added:

Parler –

Telegram –

Early indications are that our four new platforms are going to be very positive.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pretty much had the keys to the social media kingdom.

Now it seems like they are working overtime to throw that away.  Their whole business revolves around active users logging in.  Alienating untold millions of people is not going to help in that regard.

Just yesterday Conservative comedian Steven Crowder announced a lawsuit against YouTube.  He claims they blacklisted his account according to criteria that are not readily transparent.

Practical Chicago remains on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the time being.  But it is mostly to keep an eye on what they are doing.  There does not seem to be much of a future for free speech in that world.

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