Chicagoans Return to Bars in Large Numbers

Chicagoans, showing no signs of COVID fear, packed Wrigleyville bars over the weekend.  The footage above shows a long line to get into Deuces on Clark Street.  It was the same most places.

There was not a mask to be seen, nobody was social distancing, and COVID protective partitioning was gone from inside every business examined.  It seems highly doubtful that all of these people were vaccinated.

The speed with which all has returned to normal goes to show how scared the public is of the whole thing…not very.

At this point, after more than a year, if there was serious danger to the general public you have to figure there would be more hesitancy to return to socializing.  People have a well-developed self-preservation instinct.  They do not go walking into a packed bar if they have seen serious evidence it could kill them.

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