Navy Pier Packed Over the Weekend: Nobody is Scared of COVID

Navy Pier Pedestrians

Navy Pier was very crowded this weekend.  The view above looks west along the Pier’s south side boardwalk.

Nobody seemed terribly concerned about the “Delta Variant” of COVID.  If they were they would have been locked up at home.

Here is Practical Chicago’s math on COVID:

Illinois population (U.S. Census Bureau estimate July 1, 2019): 12,671,821

Illinois COVID cases (per Illinois Department of Public Health): 1,457,687

Illinois COVID deaths (per Illinois Department of Public Health): 23,594

23,594 divided by 12,671,821 comes out to .00186.  That is the chance you have of catching COVID and dying while walking around in Illinois.

Pfizer reported recently in the Wall Street Journal that they expect COVD vaccine sales to reach 33.5 billion in 2021.  So it is not unreasonable to wonder how much of the government’s continuing COVID attention revolves around our health versus sales for companies that support politicians.  Selling vaccine doses to potentially every person on Earth is a very lucrative proposition.

Clearly the population is not worried.  That is based on their collective personal experience.  If people saw their neighbors dropping dead left and right from COVID they would not be out enjoying a sunny day on Navy Pier.

Our political leaders are not genuinely concerned either.  They get caught not practicing COVID safety over and over.  The latest example was President Obama’s maskless, crowded, decadent 60th birthday party.

Behavior speaks much louder than words.  Any amount of political spin cannot disprove this universal truth.

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