Enjoy Lake Michigan with a Jet Ski Rental


Lake Michigan is one of Chicago’s greatest recreational assets and anyone can take advantage of it.  You do not need an expensive yacht.

Jet skis can be rented from a company called Chicago Jet Ski Rentals.  They are located in 31st Street Harbor on Dock J.  They offer an early week special of $59 per half hour and $109 per hour Monday and Tuesday between 10AM-12PM.  All other times the rate is $85 per half hour and $164 per hour.  Tandem riders are $10 extra.

Do not hesitate if you have never used a jet ski.  Anybody can operate one with minimal instruction.  You are required to arrive one hour before your reservation so they can give you a short  course and fit you for a life jacket.

Once leaving the harbor two basic amenities will be available. The first is zooming along the lakefront at speed.  The second is to enjoy being away from the City.  Get a mile or so off shore and turn the engine off.  You will enjoy a peace not found anywhere else in the area.  Sounds of honking cars fade away, temperature drops and all that can be heard is movement of water.

If you have not discovered recreation on the Lake take time to check it out.  You will be glad you did.  Jet ski rental is an easy way to get started.

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