Brazen Robberies Strike High-End Retail Across Chicagoland

The current political environment in Illinois is neither pro-business nor supportive of law and order.  It is beginning to show in shocking ways.

Fox 32 is reporting that a Michigan Avenue store was robbed October 11.  Police said that the robbers went into the store on Michigan Avenue near Chicago around 3 p.m.  They grabbed a bunch of purses and ran out.

This robbery is one of three under investigation in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood recently. The other two were on Oct. 22 and on Oct. 13. Police describe the getaway vehicle in those robberies as either a dark-colored Jeep, a black Lexus, or a silver Ford.

High-end retail stores have also been robbed recently in Norridge, Northbrook and Skokie.  Footage has appeared on Twitter:

Officials need to do more to crack down on this.  If the trend continues these vendors are not going to renew their expensive leases.  Chicago for Everyone reports vacancy currently at 30% on Michigan Avenue.  This is a slow motion disaster that will ultimately lead to lost tax revenues, jobs and tourists.

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