Lightfoot Faces Deafening Boos at Plumbers Union Fundraiser

Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced deafening boos during a union fundraiser over the weekend, according to Fox News.

The Democratic mayor got an unwelcome reception at an annual fundraiser Sunday for Plumbers Union Local 130, the first union that endorsed her 2019 runoff election, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Union officials downplayed the boos. Pat McCarthy, the union’s recording secretary, said Lightfoot was able to finish her remarks.

Lightfoot’s political director, Dave Mellet, said he’s confident the union will endorse the mayor’s reelection in 2023.

“I don’t believe that she was, quote-unquote, ‘booed’ at this event,” he told the outlet. “I believe she was well received. There may have been a couple of people in the room who came in there to shout and be loud.”

But footage can be found on Twitter.  Most people would probably agree this is a tough one to spin:

Why were they booing?  There are a lot of things to choose from: worrying about whether or not statues across the City are racist while crime spirals out of control, renaming Lake Shore Drive when apparently most did not support it, not making a serious effort to keep the Bears in Chicago, cracking down on bar owners for capacity violations during the worst of COVID while letting BLM marchers pack the streets, constantly saying that white racism is a terrible problem in the City when it really is not, handing out guaranteed income payments to people while businesses across the City struggle to hire people.

But most likely it was because she threatened to take away police officers’ benefits if they retire instead of submitting to her vaccine mandate.  That kind of behavior is not going to endear a politician to union workers.

Any way you look at it the boos are well-deserved.

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