Sigma Chi Fraternity Thrown Off Northwestern University Campus

According to the Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University’s Office of Community Standards has suspended the campus chapter of Sigma Chi until Fall Quarter 2024. This followed an investigation triggered by multiple alleged violations of Interfraternity Council (IFC) policies.

Following reports of alleged druggings at two on-campus fraternity house events in September, the University banned IFC chapters from holding social events and chapter-sponsored recruitment events until at least Oct. 17, 2021. IFC extended its own ban on chapter-sponsored social events until at least Jan. 3, the first day of Winter Quarter.

Sigma Chi violated this social ban and other IFC policies multiple times in fall 2021, according to IFC Vice President for Standards Nick Papandreou.

Fraternities being suspended for going too far is nothing new.  But left wing activists have largely been given a pass over the past couple years for grievous acts of public violence: burning, looting, murder.  At the same time Democrats seem to be doing their best to make anyone even remotely connected to the events of January 6th into a pariah.

We have seen similar hypocrisy unfold in Canada.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could be seen kneeling in solidarity during Black Lives Matter protests.  But when the Freedom Truckers arrived he would have no dialogue with them.  Then he declared the movement an existential threat and invoked emergency powers to arrest them and freeze their financial accounts.

At a time when the Left is attacking anything Conservative with rabid intensity, you have to wonder if Sigma Chi got a fair shake.

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